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An encounter with

"The Dish"

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01. To load a receiver and other equipment in the focus hut at the top of the tripod the dish was lowered as you see it here.

02. The receiver was connected to a cable from the crane at the top of the focus hut and hoisted up, the receiver is almost at the top in this picture

03. When the rest of the equipment and tools were loaded on to the dish the operators were contacted through an intercom and the dish was driven to the parked position pointing straight up.

04. In the focus hut, a panel in the roof was slid to the side and the receiver lowered into position. The rest of the equipment was brought up in an elevator which travels within one of the tripod legs.

05. At this stage much tweaking and tuning was done, including many chats over the intercom with the crew in the control room down stairs, to set up the receiver.

06. To get down stairs you go this way. It is a magnificent view from the focus hut.

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Last update : 28 Oct 2000